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Ovulation Bleeding

Everything you need to know!


Many times in the middle of the menstrual cycle, around the time of ovulation, women may see ovulation bleeding or ovulation spotting. What this is, is very light bleeding that occurs during your time of ovulation. There are many women who have this occurrence happen to them, and it is definitely not abnormal.

But what cause ovulation bleeding? Well, when you are going through the ovulation process a few things are happening that could cause the ovulation bleeding. When your ovarian follicle starts to disintegrate and break apart so that the eggs can then proceed down the fallopian tube, it leaves behind a hole that could slightly bleed causing you to see this ovulation spotting.

Although this isn't one of the top symptoms or signs that you are ovulating (because many woman either don't notice spotting or don't have spotting) it is still an indicator.

There can also be an implantation bleeding in the future, but this in connected to you egg implanting in your endometrium. This has nothing to do with your ovulation and happens after your ovulation has completed!

If for some reason you have severe bleeding during your ovulation or mid-cycle, please contact a doctor because this could be the effect of a health problem.